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“This must be grace: to love someone deeply enough to do the hard things, even when that person didn’t want to be loved.”


After thirteen years of family dysfunction and abuse, Bri is left with tattered trust. She is heartbroken when she and her younger three siblings end up in foster care, and she is forced to deal with her own depression and loneliness; the very things that caused her mother to slip deeply into her alcohol addictions years ago.

Against her will, she is separated from the siblings she practically raised, and is forced to find a way to move on. But when the young man she finally lets herself fall in love with shares her secrets, she decides once and for all that she will never put her trust in another person again.

As she drifts through the unfairness of a shattered heart, Bri meets an unexpected last chance at hope. Cautious and skeptical, she slowly realizes the truth about her past.

Someone had cared all along — she just never took the time to notice until now.

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Note from the author:

Growing up, I met more than forty foster children who came to live under my parents’ care. They are each unique and beautiful individuals, and I hope to share a small glimpse into the realities that many of them have experienced. This book is special, because it tells the stories of real people; people who have been through and survived circumstances that should never happen. They are strong, and they are beautiful. And their stories deserve to be told.

You don’t have to know anything about foster care to read this book. It’s packed full of relatable situations like these:

  • finding healing, despite your past
  • fighting depression to win
  • grace upon grace
  • redemption and learning to trust again

The book is currently in it’s beta reader phase, and my goal is to get published by the beginning of 2018. Stay in touch via my email list to be the first to hear about the release!

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