More To Me: The Book

“This must be grace: to love someone deeply enough to do the hard things, even when that person didn’t want to be loved.”

-More To Me by Saty Cornelius

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For as long as Bri can remember, it’s been the same thing: taking care of her siblings throughout her mom’s many hangovers, breakups, and abusive habits.

After fourteen years of this family dysfunction, she and her younger three siblings end up in foster care, where she battles with depression and loneliness – the very things that caused her mother to slip deeply into her alcohol addictions years ago.

Bri fights with every ounce of strength she can muster, but it doesn’t matter – her family still falls apart, and she is left broken and alone.

As she drifts through the unfairness of a shattered heart, Bri meets one unexpected last chance at hope. Cautious and skeptical, she slowly realizes the truth about her past.

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Praise for MORE TO ME:

“I NEEDED to finish it because it was that good! …The rose analogy that weaves throughout your story is truly inspiring as is Bri’s eventual discovery of Grace.  Your story is a great reminder that the turmoil of this world can prevent us from recognizing God’s blessings if we let it.  The connection you paint through the lives of Bri and her family is one that highlights the beauty and significance of the foster-adopt program, both physically and spiritually!”

-Deyon S.

“I have to say it makes you really look beyond the outside reactions of a person and what’s truly going on inside. More To Me is a perfect title.

-Gina C.

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Note from the author:

Growing up, I met more than forty foster children who came to live under my parents’ care. They are each unique and beautiful individuals, and I hope to share a small glimpse into the realities that many of them have experienced. This book is special, because it tells the stories of real people; people who have been through and survived circumstances that should never happen. They are strong, and they are beautiful. And their stories deserve to be told.

You don’t have to know anything about foster care to read this book. It’s packed full of relatable situations like these:

  • finding healing, despite your past
  • fighting depression to win
  • grace upon grace
  • redemption and learning to trust again

Launch day is May 1st, 2018! Stay in touch via my email list to be the first to hear everything!

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