Hi there, I’m Saty.

In case you’re one of the many who are unsure how to pronounce my name, it goes like this: Say-tee. But I’ll answer to just about anything that sounds remotely close.

Make yourself at home around here! This is a place where I share little pieces of my life, from inspiration to information, and I hope you love what you find here.


I’ve always felt in my ‘niche’ when I’m in front of a keyboard or notebook, letting the words in my head escape onto a page. My goal is to improve the world around me the best that I can, and I’ve started by writing my first novel, which will be available for purchase through Amazon on May 1st, 2018! Get the first chapter by signing up for my email newsletters, where I share things first and hand out monthly giveaways.

I’m a dreamer, and I love adventure. I married the man of my dreams on August 20th, 2016, and I absolutely treasure this chapter we’re in. For our honeymoon, we backpacked for three months from Cancun, Mexico, through seven countries, to Panama City, Panama. I highly recommend this sort of marriage bootcamp (I mean, vacation) to any newlyweds looking to strengthen their marriage quickly, from the get-go!

I love flowers, although for some reason, I can’t keep them alive. I also love Hobby Lobby, a good mojito, and my seven-year-old pup, Shaina. I appreciate people with an eye for art, and also, people who make yummy chai teas. Oh, and did I mention my obsession with flowers?